We have two albums. Available at BandCamp.

Ticket to Nowhere (2019)

features the 5-piece band — Rodney Miller, Sam Bartlett, Max Newman, Stuart Kenney, Mark Hellenberg — playing dance-inspired New American fiddle tunes. Be warned, if you leave your car stereo on repeat, you may unwittingly drive cross-country.

Our Kickstarter campaign for this album was selected by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love” and set new records for how much a project like ours can raise.

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Stringrays (2019)

self-titled album features the trio — Rodney, Max, & Stuart — on a variety of compositions new and old, including some of Rodney’s as well as a few fabulous fiddle showstoppers and zippy novelty pieces.

You’ll find lots of playful and spontaneous interplay here.

The music on both albums is complemented by Ben Belcher’s lusciously detailed hand-drawn artwork. (Check out his work.)

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“I just picked up the new Stringrays CD and I can’t stop listening. The joy expressed in this music is inescapable, and all I want to do is dance. For me, this is desert-island stuff. Thanks for the music, guys!”

If you prefer, you may also purchase by check, made out to Max Newman. Please send to Stringrays c/o Max Newman, 7 Silloway St Apt 2, Boston, MA 02124. The amount is $15 plus $3 flat shipping to US. (Wordwide shipping also available. Please ask.)


Ticket to Nowhere (2019)

  1. Kickstart / Ticket to Nowhere / Scenic Express (all Rodney Miller)
  2. Chaco Road (Stuart Kenney) / Stillwater (Rodney Miller)
  3. Rockbridge Blues (Rick Martin) / The Early Edition (Paul Gitlitz)
  4. Max & Sophia’s Wedding (Rodney Miller)
  5. Thank You, Frank (Judy Hyman) / Was You Ever in Quebec? (traditional)
  6. Bad Dog (Rodney Miller)
  7. Dave Likes Rum (Sam Bartlett) / Road to Ottawa (Rodney Miller)
  8. Whistling Rufus (Kerry Mills) / Woody’s Rag (Woody Guthrie)
  9. Deep 6 (Stuart Kenney)
  10. Beltane (Stuart Kenney)
  11. Spiral Staircase (Rodney Miller)

Stringrays (2014)

  1. Up South (Scotty Leach) / Holloway (Hilary Dirlam) / Sparkle of Starlight (Rodney Miller)
  2. East of Ballydesmond Polka No. 1 (Edel Sullivan) / Trip to Dingle (Alan Kelly)
  3. Maysville / Estill Bingham’s
  4. Snake Charmer
  5. Mary Devlin / Rumblestrip (both Sam Bartlett)
  6. Cruisin’ (Rodney Miller)
  7. Mattie and Karine’s (Aidan O’Rourke)
  8. High Level (James Hill) / Archie Menzie’s (John Lowe) / Madame Vanoni (J. Scott Skinner)
  9. Boithrín Doire (Michael Rooney)
  10. Rosetta (Earl Hines)
  11. L’acadienne / Reel du quêteux Tremblay de Aimé Gagnon
  12. Albert Ross
  13. Le violon confesseur (Éric Favreau)